Friday, June 25, 2010

Recap of Full Figured Fashion Week!

Ohh My Goodness--- is all I can say as I read all of the feedback from the bloggers who attended Full Figured Fashion Week. Since I did not go this year, I was anxiously reviewing facebook posts and reading my daily blogs to read about the latest, the who's who, the must haves and most of all to see all of the fashions that RIPPED the runway.

I was so amazed by all that I have shopoholic tick started coming back---- it was so bad I started imagining that I was the Mervyns lady screaming----- OPEN OPEN OPEN------ (Pause-- breathe---WOOO Sawww---
AHHH ok I'm back!!)

ANYWAYS I put together a list of bloggers who covered Full Figured Fashion Week--- if you are interested in reading and seeing what you missed-- PLEASE-- check out their sites!!

The Curvy Fashionista--The Curvy Fashionista is diligently posting posts everyday with exclusive pictures directly from the photographer. She has so much to say she has created a page on her site just for you Full Figured Fashion Week 2010!

Manik Magazine-- has a few recaps posted and a special interview from the Bay Area's designer LaToya Skinner which showcased Chan.nel Karama at the opening fashion show

Musings of a fatshionista is another blogger that I love. She has various recaps of the show and I love reading her blog because she is just as curvy as me!

Sonsi-- one of the sponsors of Full Figured Fashion Week recaps the Susan Moses Collection--- I need the Susan Moses collection in my life!!

The oh-so- classy Bella Styles- has live video footage from a majority of the featured collections --Click here to see the videos!

and lastly Chastity Garner from The Curvy Girls Guide to Style, recaps Full Figured Fashion week with her best dressed list from all the events!!!

Now- here is the best news that I have heard all this week --- Full Figured Fashion week is coming to California--- DID YOU HEAR ME--- Full Figured Fashion Week will be producing a Fall Fashion Week in CALIFORNIA!!! So for all of my Plus Size models, designers and bloggers GET READY!!! I can't wait and honestly I have no excuse for not going-- especially since the show will be in CALIFORNIA! I promise I will keep you all posted on the information regarding the show!


  1. Thanks so much for your review of Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC. I am so sorry you were not able to attend this year, but look forward to meeting you and experiencing it with you in California. Can you please, please do me a favor...the name of the event is Full Figured (with a d at the end of Figure) Fashion Week. We are trying to protect the brand. Will you please help us? We want to be sure folks know that this is the original FFFWeek. See ya in Cali!

  2. Thank you Ms. Devoe-- I have updated the name! I can't wait to see you again!! California is READY!!!