Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Plus Size Fashion Recap of the 2010 BET AWARDS

Ohh my goodness!! This year's BET Awards was crazy or should I say bananas for all my east coast followers. I was excited to see all of the performances and most of all the Fashion. I missed the red carpet scenes but thank goodness BET worked fast and posted their favorites on their site. Now before I can get down to business with the fashion I must say that I was impressed with Chris Brown's tribute to Michael-- I haven't seen anyone do it Better--- but umm the ball out crying and forgetting your words felt like I was watching a kid on Easter Sunday that was nervous and couldn't sing or say their Easter speech. But, I still love you for your performance Chris-- No one came close to what you did!!!

Secondly, Alicia, sweetheart I love you girl- you saved that horrible tribute to Prince-- but when you are pregnant you dont climb on top of things.

Third, if I hear P.Diddy say Ciroc or talk about that dang Coco Loso--- I am going to scream!!!

But overall I loved the show! Now on to the fashion!!!

I loved the dress that Gabby wore to the show. It was vibrant with stripes and the colors purple paired with grey made the dress --POP! I found this "Good Times Roll" dress for sale at Sydney's Closet. The difference between Gabby's dress and the one that I found online is that Gabby had sleeves attached to to the dress but I honestly like the dress without the sleeves.

Kim Coles appeared on the red carpet with this black Kiyonna Retro Glam Lace Dress. This dress is chic and classic. Nothing says classy like LACE!!

Queen Latifah was definitely the QUEEN that night. I loved all of her outfits-- well all but her "Set it Off-- Cleo" costume (LOL). I loved the one wing sequin shoulder dress and the all white dress she wore when she closed out the show. I wasn't able to find any dresses to compare to what she wore but I am on a mission to find them. Just in cased you missed it--- here is a picture of the glitter dress--- the white dress was unfortunately not photographed but if you watch the aftershow you will see what I am referring to!

I loved Ciara in her Balmain number. I love the lace details and the fringes that go up and down the sleeves. After reading a fellow bloggers post I saw that the dress is sold for a whopping $22,225.50---ummm that is a car or one year of college!!! I think I will stick with my Asos look-a-like well-- it's pretty close!

For more photos of the
BET Awards visit their site!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Recap of Full Figured Fashion Week!

Ohh My Goodness--- is all I can say as I read all of the feedback from the bloggers who attended Full Figured Fashion Week. Since I did not go this year, I was anxiously reviewing facebook posts and reading my daily blogs to read about the latest, the who's who, the must haves and most of all to see all of the fashions that RIPPED the runway.

I was so amazed by all that I have seen...my shopoholic tick started coming back---- it was so bad I started imagining that I was the Mervyns lady screaming----- OPEN OPEN OPEN------ (Pause-- breathe---WOOO Sawww---
AHHH ok I'm back!!)

ANYWAYS I put together a list of bloggers who covered Full Figured Fashion Week--- if you are interested in reading and seeing what you missed-- PLEASE-- check out their sites!!

The Curvy Fashionista--The Curvy Fashionista is diligently posting posts everyday with exclusive pictures directly from the photographer. She has so much to say she has created a page on her site just for you Full Figured Fashion Week 2010!

Manik Magazine-- has a few recaps posted and a special interview from the Bay Area's designer LaToya Skinner which showcased Chan.nel Karama at the opening fashion show

Musings of a fatshionista is another blogger that I love. She has various recaps of the show and I love reading her blog because she is just as curvy as me!

Sonsi-- one of the sponsors of Full Figured Fashion Week recaps the Susan Moses Collection--- I need the Susan Moses collection in my life!!

The oh-so- classy Bella Styles- has live video footage from a majority of the featured collections --Click here to see the videos!

and lastly Chastity Garner from The Curvy Girls Guide to Style, recaps Full Figured Fashion week with her best dressed list from all the events!!!

Now- here is the best news that I have heard all this week --- Full Figured Fashion week is coming to California--- DID YOU HEAR ME--- Full Figured Fashion Week will be producing a Fall Fashion Week in CALIFORNIA!!! So for all of my Plus Size models, designers and bloggers GET READY!!! I can't wait and honestly I have no excuse for not going-- especially since the show will be in CALIFORNIA! I promise I will keep you all posted on the information regarding the show!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hippie Chic

With the summer days slowly approaching the best trend to maintain this summer is the "Hippie Chic" trend. Similar to the trend known as "Boho Chic" you will find that dressing yourselves with the latest summer trend is quite simple. In fact there are no limits within this trend. Similar to some styles seen within the movie STC2, adorning you body with long skirts, maxi dresses, scarves, open toe sandals and vibrant fabrics will have you tapping into your inner flower child power.

Achieveing the Hippie Chic trend, is not impossible. In fact every where I turn I see a plethora of maxi dresses, peasant skirts, linen blouses and tube top dresses. The options are limitless........(sidebar---- I want to thank all of the retailers out there who are LISTENING to their consumers---especially the plus size consumers--- Thank you for giving us the opportunity to look fabulously chic this summer!!)

Because there are so many options out there I put together an outfit that I think satisfies the "Hippie Chic" trend-- but you can achieve this trend as well by:
  1. matching hippy tops with a clean-cut pair of jeans or a printed maxi dress with structured cotton jackets
  2. selecting "boho" types tops in various colors and patterns
  3. acessorising with lucite and or silver accessories in order to play up the look

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bay Area is set to rip the runway in Full Figured Fashion Week!

The anticipation of Full Figured Fashion Week is intense, can you believe there is only ONE day left until the curvy community takes over the fashion capital of the United States (New York City)? Unfortunately this year I wont be in attendance, but a few bloggers (one being the Curvy Fashionista) will be blogging throughout the entire week. Ohh I can't wait to read their posts. But I am not only proud for the event, I am also proud to say that TWO BAY AREA designers will be rocking their latest fashions this week.

Now I don't want to appear to show favoritism for these designers (WHOA!!!) but (WHOA) I (WHOA ehhumm)--- I can't help it!

LaToya Skinner the designer and creator of Chan.nel Karama Limited and Karama Denim Luxe will Rip the Runway for the Opening Night Runway Event which is scheduled for tomorrow at 6PM EST. Before leaving California for the event, I got the opportunity to see some of her fashions and I must say--- this sista---right here--- Miss Skinner-- hmm---she can hook up a outfit... I mean when I looked over her designs I felt like I was channeling Michael Jackson, Prince, Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga, Posh Spice and Grace Jones all in one! Let just say this Futuristically Chic designer is Fierce (with a capital "F")!

I don't know of any designers who are bringing it like this designer and what I love most is that she has a plus friendly collection that is at the top of my list of MUST HAVES. Click on the link to see all of Chan.nel Karama designs.

The second Bay Area designer is none other than Kathy Young of K. Renee Designs. Be careful not to label Kathy an "ordinary" seamstress. She is a woman with great creativity and techniques and primarily focuses her energy in creating attractive designs for the full figured fashion world. I met Kathy a couple of month's ago because her designs were featured in the Carribean Fashion show that occurred this past April. I love her work. She is a expert at heart and if you can vision it she can sew it. This formal designer can create everything from a formal gown with a train to a fiercely crafted jumpsuit. K'Renee will be showing her designs at the Semi-Formal Finale Runway Showcase on the 19th at 6:30 PM EST.

For a complete list of the designers that will appear in the Opening and the Finale Fashion Shows go to http://www.fffweek.com/main.php?a=designers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex in the City with a Plus Size Twist!

Sex in the City is one of my favorite shows that introduced me to the world of fashion. I just loved watching the girls (Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda) fashion the streets of New York City, wearing outfits and styles that I could only imagine. Last month the movie premiered and even though people didn't give it a raving review, it was the FASHION that made the entire movie. Based on some of the fashions I have seen I am SO ready to fashion my curves with the fashions from the set of SATC2.

The plunging necklines, Sheer and clingy fabrics, chunky juicy jewelry, strappy sandals, studded pumps, Moroccan and Indian style patterns had me mesmerized. Unlike the first movie, I took the time to try to find pieces that looked somewhat similar to the fashions on the set. I even found those killer studded shoes Carrie wore!!!

Eh--umm--Now I know these are not thee exact items and I am 100% aware that some of the items are considered "knock-offs" but hey -- a true Diva can rock an outfit whether it's name brand or NOT!!

oh and I cant forget those studded shoes Carrie wore with the flannel top and jeans-- too bad the shoes sold out in blue but they come in grey, khaki, black and red.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Number One Vintage Plus Size Store is Coming to the Bay!

OMG--- I was so excited when I saw this recent post on Facebook that I had to blog about it. The infamous RE/DRESS NYC is coming to the bay on June 07, 2010 at the Econo Lodge in Oakland, California! RE/Dress NYC is the number one plus size vintage retailer (in my eyes). They have a plethora of gently used plus size fashions that not only range in size but they also sale clothing from various time periods. If you love to dazzle your curves in pin up fashions, or love rocking fashions from the 80's or even the latest fashions that are currently in season, then you don't want to miss this once in a lifetime shopportunity!!!

Check out their Facebook to RSVP!